10 Sep 2020

Top 7 Software Development Outsourcing Trends in 2020

Outsourced software development is a new way of business innovation bringing different successful platforms together to mark higher revenues. With the growth and innovation in every sector worldwide, technology has rooted itself in the business world to mark an innovative growing strategy.

15 Sep 2020

Get the Best Outbound Outsourcing Services

Get the best outbound outsourcing services with A2Z Resource Group. Our professional employees will run your business from our premises and we will deal with your customers as well.

4 Nov 2020

Technical Support: An overview of the utmost necessity

Technical support is the technical assistance provided in the matters surrounding the technicality of a product or service. It may vary in one form to the other, depending on the category of the industry it is being provided to. It generally ranges from tier 0 to tier 4, with the latter being unusual.

4 Nov 2020

Back-Office Support and BPO: The interrelation of the two

Back-office tasks do not require any customer interaction. It also is a part of the whole business process; therefore, when the former is outsourced for ease, it is referred to as the BPO; thereby, interrelating the two.

6 Nov 2020

What are the benefits and risks of outsourcing IT services?

Companies outsourcing IT services are more common today than ever. Reason being, the competitiveness and reduction in the cost which it has to offer. It however faces vulnerabilities in the form of downtime, data privacy breach, and security breaches. Still enterprises are apparently keen to adopt it.

9 Nov 2020

What is finance and accounting outsourcing? and why to consider one

The finance and accounting outsourcing can help an organization relieve from day-to-day repetitive tasks, thereby enabling to monitor and control the larger processes with much insight and scrutiny. The financial process can either be outsourced completely or partially; it depends on the organizations.

11 Nov 2020

How do you successfully outsource software development | The success factors

To successfully outsource software development, factors such as, choosing a company using a ‘Request for Proposal’ method, with the demonstrated skills and expertise in agile practices, play a pivotal role. Staying in-touch with the third-party on a regular basis plays a significant role in outsourcing.

9 Sep 2020

How do BPO services give wings to your business?

A business is developed and grown with the help of professional and timely services. Streamline your business to depth with the best BPO services. A service provider that fits in all of the skills and beats the highest levels of professionalism is all a company needs for its growth.

25 Nov 2020

Digital Marketing: The Current Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing is performed by means of digital channels and includes SEO, Email-Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), LinkedIn Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.