Top 7 Software Development Outsourcing Trends in 2020

IT resourcing is not a new term to be introduced but definitely a growing trend in the business world. This trend has brought some basic changes in the business world. With the growth and innovation in every sector worldwide, technology has rooted itself in the business world to mark an innovative growing strategy. IT outsourcing software development companies have been in the latest trends. Outsourced software development is a new way of business innovation bringing different successful platform together to mark higher revenues.

Top 7 Software Development Outsourcing Trends in 2020

The idea of outsourcing IT company can be marked with the amount spent on IT industry which is accumulated as $3.8 trillion till 2019. This amount is expected to increase as per the growth observed in IT industry and software development outsourcing. There are multiple trends introduced till now in the software development. Here in this article you will get to learn the top 7 software development outsourcing trends in 2020.

Narrowly specialized companies

Top 7 Software Development Outsourcing Trends in 2020

There are different opinions found in business industries regarding software development outsourcing. Many companies think that outsourcing should be done with the help of various outsourcing servers with versatile experience and skills. While some other companies think that this should be done with the help of a one platform offering outsourcing services. Although it is not impossible to get the technical outsourcing services from one platform but many companies intend to taste the different expertise offered by different outsourcing mediums.

Top 7 Software Development Outsourcing Trends in 2020

This is really tough and tangling to have an in house IT department dealing with all of the operations done under IT perfectly. This requires a separate time and effort to hire relevant employees with deep recruitment talent hunting. With the help of trained employees, IT outsourcing servers make it possible for the businesses to get perfect and validated services with a long term or short term business relations. This trend has brought a sense of relief to the business owners always in a hunt of resources in forms of skilled employees. There are huge chances of a further growth in the outsourcing trends.

Enhanced customer experience with AI and IOT

Top 7 Software Development Outsourcing Trends in 2020

As per the growth in technology, companies have been offering different mediums to the customers to facilitate them in every possible way. Let’s take for example the online shopping trend. This has been in the trend since long but with the arrival of the Covid-19, online purchasing trend has marked limits like never before. A massive increase in the online shopping has taken place due to the lockdown situations which has brought a new trend in the technical market.

Online purchasing needs a digitalized communication with the users along with customer’s experience with the website interface. Keeping in mind the convenience of the customers, companies are working on making the user experience better than before by bringing in the latest technologies. With the help of AI and IOT, the user experience can be enhanced. This requires companies to avail the best IT services with the best and technical software. For this new journey, companies try their best to find IT outsourcing companies having the best sources in forms of IT experts. AI and IOT helps the commerce industries to enhance the customer experiences. It makes it possible by customizing the customer journey.

The basic new trend that has blown the minds technically that 80 to 85% of online purchasing is done without any human interaction with the customers. This has become possible with the help of the latest chatbots. The latest technology has been substituted humans making it easier for the companies and customers. With the help of IOT, IT companies would make it possible to attain the maximum customer satisfaction by giving them real time response. The chatbots are helpful in delivering real time response, collecting customer’s given data and guiding the customer on time.  It will also enhance the customer experience by detecting the problems in any equipment.

An uplift in block chain services demand

Top 7 Software Development Outsourcing Trends in 2020

Block chain spending is increasing globally per year which has become a new trend in the IT industry. This has become one of the top IT outsourcing trend. Enabling micro transactions to smart contracts, the latest distributed ledger technology has polished the security experience, and transparency in the IT world. This technology has brought up different innovative solutions for money raising for many start-up businesses.

An increase in the blockchain service is a new trend in the IT industry and an increase in the demand for skilled and professional blockchain servers is observed. This requires immediate sourcing of skilled professionals to deal with the blockchain services. Blocakchain specialists are needed in order to run the business processes. More companies are on a tug of outsourcing their blockchain processes to IT outsourcing companies who have blocakchain specialists. Outsource software development and get an uplift in your business revenue.

 Having these technical operations done in house are very difficult and costly. Hence, this has become a new trend to outsource the business to companies having blockchain experts.  

An increase in the need for cybersecurity

Top 7 Software Development Outsourcing Trends in 2020

With an increase in the technical world across the globe, data has become the most valuable resource for IT industries. This signifies a need of security on technical levels which is now called the cybersecurity. Cybersecurity helps companies to secure their data from any hacker. As so many companies have become a prey of cybercrime, it is now on the top of the list to maintain cybersecurity by hiring efficient companies to protect the data using their developed software. Thereby, software development outsourcing has become a top trend in the cybersecurity.  

Digitalization of all kinds of industries

As everything has taken its room on internet and technology, all of the companies are now moving towards digitalization. This has taken a new trend in the business world to become digitally active. As all of the companies are choosing digital mediums to grow further which is making every non-digital company to crave for digitalization in order to compete with them. Therefore, companies find the best outsourcing of software development and IT outsourcing companies to avail the professional and error free services.

Growth in AR and VR markets

With the invasion of smart phones in the business world, a massive need for AR and VR solutions has been noted. This trend has brought a massive increase in the AR market taking it up to $133.78. With the innovations in AR technologies, shopping experiences will also be enhanced. These kinds of technologies will enter in many other sectors such as tourism, manufacturing and online purchasing as well. Companies look for AR outsourcing solutions for running their technical business in a better way.

Robotic Process Automation in the list

Top 7 Software Development Outsourcing Trends in 2020

RPA technology is the new trend in the software development outsourcing. This technology is helpful in reducing costs, improving the work coordination, and minimizing manual mistakes. Outsourcing software development companies bring to you much more on its way.