Digital Marketing: The Current Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing, as the name suggests, is a marketing approach. However, what differs it from traditional and internet marketing is that it targets specific customer segments and it does not solely rely on the internet for marketing purposes respectively. Digital marketing primarily makes use of social media platforms and search engines, owing to which it is also sometimes referred to as a website marketing strategy.

An overview of the digital marketing agency services being practiced today is as below:


It is one of the digital marketing practices; for bringing and retaining a business website on the very first page and to be included in the top results on a search engine; more generally on a google search engine.

Social media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become one of the ingredients for a successful business. Therefore, in order to create a brand image of the businesses, the one which becomes familiar to the people, it is necessary to have a business marketed over social media. Social media marketing had its foundation laid, when one of the leading and giant social media companies, Facebook, began being a business endorsing platform.


Pay-Per-Click, more commonly known as PPC, is a newly introduced model to the world of internet marketing, where every click made against an advertisement is paid by the respective advertiser. PPC, in a way, opposes the very nature of organic visits; the latter since buys visits is sometimes considered as an unwilling or forced visit; while the former earns it in a more willing manner.


Email Marketing

It is one of the latest digital marketing practices. Email marketing is primarily used for increasing a business’ brand awareness among the existing customers, and for creating brand awareness among potential and new clients. It involves sending customized emails, pertaining to the business nature; for endorsing the business rather positively.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is a platform encompassing experienced professionals around the globe. Marketing using the LinkedIn platform provides a business with endless opportunities of making new customers and landing new clients for the respective businesses. A business strengthens its brand image after it becomes successful in building a strong and positive image using the LinkedIn platform. 

Top Digital Marketing Agencies

Today, performing digital marketing for one’s business has become somewhere a necessity. It, therefore, is of equal significance, when it comes to choosing a digital marketing agency. It is pertaining to mention that a digital service provided by one digital marketing agency may or may not be provided by some other agency. Also, every company may not be able to provide every digital marketing service.

Top Digital Marketing Agencies

Following the current top-performing digital marketing agencies are mentioned, best to our knowledge. The list of the companies is non-hierarchical, however, the best digital marketing company has been, and had to be, given the first mention. 

A2Z Resource group

The A2z resource group promises to enhance the website traffic and page optimization organically; thereby, it provides results that have long-lasting, positive, effects; rather than providing topnotch however temporary results by making use of artificial techniques.

It can thus be inferred that the A2z resource group’s strategy is more long-term focused and not short-term driven. The former provides quick yet unsustainable results in comparison to the latter that reaps results after an eventual period of time which are however sustainable. Moreover, A2Z is the only company in our list of digital marketing agencies that offers every digital marketing service.

Marketing Strategy

The SEO methodologies of this very company includes paid or organic compagains, making use of the Google Analytics and data tools of other search engines, performing keyword researches and insertions, performing site audits, creating the content in accordance to the keywords and business scop, and backlinks to approach the target audience. Considering the SEO approaches of this very company, it may be asserted as the best seo service providing digital marketing agency.

The strategy to improve social media marketing, of this very digital marketing agency,  encompassses target audience analysis, social campaign (organic or paid) accessing the desired audience, observing audience behaviour and updating the strategy, building conversion through social media, enhancing brand awareness, increasing user interaction across all platforms, building and retaining a positive image of the brand.

The PPC campaign management services of this PPC hero are website audits, optimization of landing pages, and the follow up of campaigns.

The A2Z resource group as a linkedin marketing company understands the linkedin marketing solutions better; as apparent from its linkedin marketing campaigns, that includes, updating company page, writing original and native stories, conveying one's business services with rather user-friendliness, endorsing one’s piece of work, reaching the target audience using latest search tools, and keeping the company rather active on the linkedin.

A2Z as an email marketing agency London based, does what is essential to make email marketing successful which includes emails which are mobile friendly, monthly and weekly newsletter, feature business updates, discounts and special offers updates, giveaways, and user feedback surveys.

Softrick Solutions

Softrick Solutions, being an SEO service agency as well, asserts to focus on enhancing the online existence of a business to new heights. The SEO team holds high significance in this very company, as the marketing plans and strategies are based at the SEO team’s input. The SEO service it provides can also be customized as per the varying business requirements and needs. Moreover, the search engine optimization services can either be on-page or off-page, depending solely on a client’s choice. In addition to this, the SEO services provided, also entail AdWords which makes it a competitive digital marketing agency.

SEO Services

As for being a social media marketing agency, its services include community management, trend awareness, embracing channel diversity, determining KPIs, deciphering analytics, understanding SEO, and utilizing Social Media Ads.


The Intltech’s SEO asserts to bring a website in the top searched results in accordance to the WebMasters of the Google search engine. It thereby promises to make your online audience increased by making most of its latest practices and experienced SEO team. In addition to this, the Inteltech also promises getting the target audience to the website, keeping up with the competitors, and using of a analytics based marketing strategy

To manage social media platform, in the words of the Intltech itself, it promises the following:

Our promo-campaigns really work. The results are visible immediately. We feel the heartbeat of SM-trends. The company provides clear and detailed reports of the work we’ve done.  IntlTech always demonstrates content-plans for your brand promotion. We’re flexible and include all your wishes into our marketing strategy. Our team knows how to highlight the uniqueness of your brand. The original design and custom cover photos. We provide quality customer support. Our dedicated manager knows the answer to your question.

Digital Marketing

Inteltech’s Google PPC campaign includes stages, such as, advertising, selecting relevant keywords, identifying target audience, launching advertising campaigns, and continuous analysis and optimizations.

Intltech, as an email marketing company offers collecting target databases for sending business offers via email, developing a strategy for business promotion, creating professional and designed patterns, writing influential texts for newsletters, choosing a newsletter service and making all required customizations, and making technical customization to prevent emails from being spammed.

Brick Marketing

Brick Marketing’s seo entails strategy, keyword research, keyword selection, content optimization, meta tag writing, technical seo audit, and mobile seo.

As for social media marketing, the Brick marketing’s services includes social media strategy, social media content creation, social media content promotion, social media profile management, social media tools, and social media reporting.

Marketing Strategy

Brick marketing as a ppc service provider offers client communication, ppc specialists, ppc keyword research, ppc account organization, and ppc copywriting.

Rank Grow Digital

A decent digital marketing agency; Rank Grow Digital is yet another marketing agency with the SEO services entailing local SEO service and the technical SEO service. It also asserts to provide the desired results by maximizing the PPC campaigns.

SEO Service Agency

OAK Digital

Since the listing of these companies is non-hierarchical, the OAK digital being mentioned last does not carry much weight. It is yet another, current, one of the best performing digital marketing agencies.

Its SEO services are based on analysis- which involves in depth business analysis, strategy- which involves search and development of significant and output-based keywords, tactics- which involves the ways a content can be best optimized and submitted, and Measurement- which includes continued testings.

The OAK digital performs social media marketing over the two platforms: facebook and instagram. The social media process of this very digital marketing agency entails defining the goals to identify the target audience better, opting for the suitable channel and content, selecting the targeting options, and creating the campaigns and keeping their follow up.

Digital Marketing Services

As per OAK digital’s website, it claims to have provided the ppc services to companies as Ralph Lauren. Its ppc program entails situation analysis, building foundations and restructuring, identifying and testing new opportunities, and optimization and analysis.

Premier Solutions Inc

Digital marketing is the latest approach to reach existing and potential clients. The channels most pertaining to perform digital marketing services are the social media platforms and the search engines. As digital marketing has become somewhat inevitable,opting for a suitable digital marketing agency is equally important. Generally, digital marketing services include SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Linkedin Marketing, and Email Marketing; the digital marketing services vary from one service provider to another.

Pay Per Click

The current best performing agencies had a share of their mentions here; the best of them however was deservingly given the first mention.