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Webchat Outsourced Customer Support

Webchat Outsourced Customer Support .

You never know when your customers might encounter a problem or come up with a question. It is important to stay prepared for any customer query, via available channels of communication. Previously, webchat was confined only to personal communications. Today, it is massively used by businesses as a communication channel because tech-savvy customers prefer it over other communication media. A2ZS Resource Group provides outsourced customer support solutions to help businesses capitalise the potential of webchat.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction .

Online webchat is the quickest communication medium when compared to telephone and email. Internet-savvy customers prefer using webchat rather than picking up their phones, dialing the number, and waiting to get through the IVR system to reach customer support professionals. We provide live webchat services powered by a well-trained and qualified team of chat support agents. Avail your webchat requirements to us and gain enhanced customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

24/7 Round The Clock Webchat Support

24/7 Round The Clock Webchat Support .

Our round-the-clock outsourced webchat service makes sure that your customers are replied to by a physical agent whenever they face an issue or send in a question. Today, having the option of live chat has become a necessity, especially for companies that run their businesses over the Internet. With a live webchat option, businesses can deliver impeccable customer care services and boost sales.

Why Outsource Your Webchat Needs to Us? .

A2Z Resource Group has a wealth of experience in offering top-notch quality call centre, email, and online webchat answering solutions for companies of all sizes and across different sectors. Our personalised approach and professionalism yields result when our team starts to work. By outsourcing your live webchat needs to us, you gain the following:

  • Highly-trained and experienced chat staff expert in managing live chat requests
  • Round-the-clock working schedule
  • An expert team of webchat staff proficient in multiple languages
  • Proven increase in sales, satisfaction rates and customer loyalty
  • Proficient agents tracking your website activities and clearing analytics
  • Detailed notification, via email and/or SMS when a chat is completed and a sales lead is generated
Why Outsource Your Webchat Needs to Us?

Experience Sky High Results at Minimum Pricing

Experience Sky High Results at Minimum Pricing .

Delivering 24/7 managed live webchat agents service in-house is easier said than done. Recruiting multiple chat agents for handling 3 shifts, training, and putting them to the task, managing their increments and other employee expenses is costly. Purchasing computers, subscribing to expensive software, and operating around-the-clock set-up can add on to your expenses. A2Z Resource Group’s live webchat service does all of that for you at an affordable rate. We give you a trained team with webchat staff who have been carefully sourced, interviewed, and vetted. Our webchat agents can be hired for your project on an hourly, monthly, or ad-hoc basis.

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